Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation

By Swami Chidananda as written in his book “BLISS IS WITHIN”:

Bliss is within by Swami Chidananda
Bliss is within by Swami Chidananda


Meditation for improving and building up your own health is to be practised at bed time, just before you go to sleep. The preparations for it are all the same, identical. Sit upon your meditation posture. Keep the body erect and straight. Sit steadily without any movment. But always be entirely relaxed. You must feel totally at ease. You must be feeling so restful that you can gradually forget the very presence of the body. The body should not make itself felt by you at all. The posture should be so restful and so relaxed. Then only you will not feel that you are sitting. Thus you can continue for a long time without any discomfort. Now in this state of quiescence and restfulness, take the mind inward and feel strongly the powerful presence in the innermost centre of your being. Feel that it is the Universal Spirit, in its indwelling aspect, making itself felt as Divine Presence. The Universal Spirit is all-perfect. It is a source of all-blessedness. It is all health, strength, vigour and power. Visualise mentally the centre and source of all health and of all healing. Feel your unity with that Divine Centre. And now gently assert to yourself:
  •      The source of all health is within me      Om Om Om
  •      God is my healer                                          Om Om Om
  •      I am ever united with that Being             Om Om Om
  •      I am a mass of radiant energy                  Om Om Om
  •      I am disease-free                                         Om Om Om
  •      I am in a state of perfect health               Om Om Om
In this way draw up yourself a suitable list of affirmations which are appropriate and suited to your particular state of health requirement, and inwardly feel the required state is now being created within you. Everything that is wrong is being set right in all parts of the body. Restoration, repair and healing is taking place in every specific part and total state of perfect health is being established within. Have clearly before your mental vision the word health in luminous letters. Visualise ‘health’ clearly. Visualise the centre of your being as an inexhaustible source of energy and health. Feel the power of health radiating from that inner centre and spreading in all directions throughout your body and brining about a state of radiant health in every part of the body. Feel your body growing with perfect health from head to toe. Accompany this feeling with quiet affirmation. Keep yourselves in this state for some minutes continuously and conclude with the peace chant: Om Santi, Santi, Santih. This kind of meditation may be done within a period of five or six minutes. If you can prolong it longer, it is well and good. If your concentration is very good, even four minutes will suffice. But if you have got any specific health problem in any particular part of your body, you may particularly direct the healing Prana towards that part and make the meditation a few minutes longer. And always conclude with the Peace Chant and finish by saying “Thank you God”.
“I pray to the Lord that He may bestow upon you inner strength so that you will attain steady success in your daily meditation. Hari Om Tat Sat.”  Swami Chidananda.

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