Classes & Cost

Please Note: I’ll be on holiday for two weeks in November, from Sunday 14/11 until Sunday 28/11/2021 !!

If you can’t make it to the Scout Halls, you can join any of these classes online via Zoom.

Maria spinal twist, one leg stretched.
Maria spinal twist, one leg stretched.

 Current Yoga class schedule

Cameron Park, Scout Hall, Easton Street, Booval

  • Tuesdays, 6:00pm–7:30pm (90 minutes Hatha Yoga class)

Silkstone Scout Hall, 14 Cambridge Street, Silkstone

  • Wednesdays, 5:00pm–6:30pm (90 minutes Hatha Yoga class)

Raceview Scout Hall, 32 Taylor Street, Eastern Heights

  • Tuesdays, 9:00am – 10:30am (90 minutes Hatha Yoga class)


  • first trial class: free
  • drop-in class $15.00
  • 5-class pass (valid for 2 months) $70.00
  • 10-class pass (valid for 4 months) $130.00

Cost for Senior Classes  (Wednesday 9am – 10am + Thursday 10am – 11am)

  • first class: free
  • single class  $10.00
  • 10-class-pass  $90.00

Hatha Yoga Class - Paschimottanasana
Hatha Yoga Class – Paschimottanasana
Hatha YOga Class at Raceview Scout Hall
Hatha Yoga Class at Raceview Scout Hall

February 2020, this class runs since 2006 . Same time – same venue.

General Information

Classes at all locations are open to all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced.
You can join a class any time, please arrive about ten minutes before we begin the class. Please book for your first free trial class. Thank You !!
Please bring your own yoga mat , otherwise a towel or blanket if fine; I have some mats available. Wear clothing you feel comfortable stretching in. Socks and jumper during the cooler months of the year, to keep warm during final relaxation.
Once a month on a Friday evening with have an extra hatha yoga class and Satsang (meditation).
Private classes upon request.

Drawing by John Carmichael, December 2019. Yoga is for Every Body.

49 thoughts on “Classes & Cost

  • Hello,

    When will you be holding your once a month Friday evening class with meditation?

    I am considering coming along to a class as a trial and then as a continues drop in when I am unable to attend my usual classes in West End.

    Thank you Kindly,

    Alexandra Atkins


    • Hi Alexandra,
      The next Friday class and Satsang (meditation) is next week Friday 22nd November 5pm.
      The cost for the class is $14.- you find more info about it following this link
      Please note, that on Friday’s I do not offer free trial classes, as it is not part of the weekly regular classes. Everyone is most welcome to these classes, even if you have not been to one of my classes previously.
      I hope to help you with this information and look forward to meeting you soon.
      Prema Maria


  • Hi Maria,

    I’m wondering if I can get some information about private classes & what the cost, available times & location would be? Any information you can give me would be much appreciated..
    Thanks, Angela


    • Hi Angela,
      Thank you for your interest in a private yoga class.
      I just sent you a private email with detailed information about private yoga classes.
      Looking forward to be in touch. Maria


  • Hi Maria

    Similar to Angela’s request, can you please let me know the details for private classes for my husband and I?

    We look forward to joining you for a trial class in the new year!

    Thank you and kind regards


  • Hi Maria,

    I’ve been looking for somewhere in Ipswich to start Yoga so will definitely be coming along to one of your classes for a trial.

    See you on Thursday.

    Kind regards



  • Hi Maria!
    Would like to make enquiries about private classes for myself and my daughter. We’ve both been wanting to take up yoga for ages but as she has a fulltime career, its difficult to find regular weekly classes that suit her schedule.
    Many thanks


    • Hi Liana,
      Thank you for your request.
      The cost for the private yoga classes are:
      $60 for one person
      $90 for two persons (you and your daughter, $45 each)
      I gladly teach these classes in the comfort of your own home. We can arrange for a time & day, that is suitable for all.
      If you like please send me your phone number in a private email to and we can talk about details.
      Kind regards, Maria.


  • I would like to attend trial class on Thursday 7pm if I can get to you subject to traffic

    I have been seeking Sivananda tradition yoga class

    I finish work at 6pm and maybe Ipswich is to far to get to as I will be coming from Wakerly Tingalpa way.

    I have also been guided to Ormiston to trail there, I really miss Sivananda traditional yoga amd tried so mamy other styles that are hot power made up yin yang. I deeply calling in side for SYVC guidence of Master Sivananda and Swami Vishnu-devananda _/\_

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Om Shanti


  • Hi Maria,

    If I was to come to a trial class and liked it and then was to buy the 10 passes for $100 do you know if this is claimable under my private health fund for natural therapies?

    Thanks Karen


    • Hi Karen,
      You have to check with your health fund. One client can claim it presently, but most can not.
      Would you only consider attending yoga classes if your insurance pays for it?
      It’s your personal well being.
      Kind wishes, Maria.


    • Hi Sherie,
      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, Yoga would definitely be helpful for you to increase the flexibility.
      Your first class is free, come and give it a try. Five more weeks of Yoga before the Christmas break.
      Looking forward to meeting you.


    • Hi Mel,
      You can just show up to the yoga classes. No need to book. And no reason to feel nervous about it, there will be many newcomers and people who had a long break from yoga over the next few weeks.
      Looking forward to meeting you soon, Maria.


  • I have never done Yoga and would love to try. Do i just pop in to a class or do i book first? I am hoping to attend Tuesday 9am class. Is the meditation session after the yoga counted as a 2nd session?

    Thank you


    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your message and interest in starting yoga.
      You do not need to book for the classes listed on the website, just come along.
      The meditation after the yoga class on Tuesday morning is free, for anyone who wishes to stay on after the regular yoga session and final relaxation.
      Hope to meet you soon, Maria.


    • Hi Erica,
      Thank you for your request.
      Private one-on-one yoga + meditation class cost $45 for 1 hour, Monday – Friday. Friday’s after 5pm, Saturday, Sunday the cost is $60.
      I offer these classes from my home in Silkstone. Please email or phone 0423 477 725, so we can coomunicate directly.
      I hope to help you with this initial inofrmation and look forward to speak to you soon. Kind regards, Maria


  • Hi my name is tanitar and am looking for yoga classes for my mum and I to join I was wondering because she is a beginner which night time classes should I bring her to, that would make her feel comfortable in joining cause she never tried yoga before.

    Thank you 😊


    • Hi Tanitar,
      Thank you for your request.
      At the moment the Thursday evening 5pm or 7pm yoga classes are probably most suitable for your mother.
      Hope to welcome you both in one of the classes soon.
      Maria 🙂


  • Hi Maria,
    I’m a night shift worker and am unable to attend the times of your classes in your schedule. I was reading some of the comments below about private classes and was confused as to what the actual price was. And are you still taking on new clients?
    Talk soon.


    • Hi Brodie,
      Thank you for your interest in yoga. Yes I do take on new clients for private classes. In general I teach these classes from my home in Silkstone. Cost starts at $45, availability at the moment is best on Monday or Friday morning and afternoon. Please contact me by phone/text 0423 477 725 or email I usually suggest, that if possible you come for one group class so you get to know the style of my yoga class and we meet.
      I guess I should delete some of the older posts, it could be confusing.
      looking forward to hear from you again soon.


  • Hello, my name is Renee and I would like to attend a yoga class next week Thursday (28th May). I have practised yoga before, I was doing kundalini yoga for a year, but haven’t practised for some time now. I would like to get back into it and am interested in Hatha yoga.
    Can you please let me know the time and price for my first session.

    Thank you so much
    Kindest Regards


    • Hi Renee,
      Thank you for your request and interest in Hatha Yoga.
      You can join the yoga class on Thursday at 5pm or the later one at 7pm. The time that is better for you. Your first class is free. Please bring a yoga mat.
      Looking forward to meeting you next week.
      Best regards, Maria


  • My name is Gordon, I am interested in doing your yoga and meditation class and have not done any yoga previously.I am interested in the mediation to try to balance out and calm myself so to deal with everyday issues,if that makes sense?


    • Hi Gordon,
      Thank you for your interest in yoga & meditation. Your comment sure makes sense. Yoga & meditation can help you to deal with everyday issues, de-stress, feel and be more calm. It’s a consistent practice that starts with a first step. Looking forward to welcome you in a class soon. Namaste, Maria Prema. OM OM OM


    • Dear Judith,
      I suggest you come to the class on a Wednesday morning 10am – 11am at the Raceview Scout Hall, 32 Taylor Street, Eastern Heights.
      It is an easy, gentle class. Your first class is free. You come and try and see how you feel.
      Hope to meet you soon, Maria.


    • Hi Sarah, thank you for your request. If you have done any yoga before your pregnancy, my classes are suitable for you. If you are new to yoga, it is better if you join a specific pregnancy yoga class.
      Best wishes, Maria


    • Hi Kristy, Thank you for your request.
      I suggest that you come for a free trial class on a Tuesday morning as soon as possible. I will show and explain to you, what to do different from the other yoga students, when you are pregnant.
      If you have time, I also recommend, that you stay on after the regular yoga class time for the short meditation. this is very helpful for mindfulness.
      Looking forward to meeting you soon, Maria.


    • Hi Karen, Thank you for your interest in starting Yoga. If one of the above days and times is good for you, you are most welcome to join any of the classes. Your first class is free. Just come and try. If you have questions, please phone me on: 0423 477 725


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