my rant about beer – yoga

Overtime there are always many fads that come and go. Some are funny, cute, amusing, trendy and market themselves under the umbrella of Yoga, such as cat-yoga, doga, SUP-Yoga , nude or naked-yoga, etc.

But the latest one beer – yoga goes under my skin, and I need to state my opinion and probably that of many serious yoga practitioners: beer –  yoga.  What an insult to the masters and ancient wisdom of yoga.

I have nothing against drinking beer, a good glass of wine, fancy cocktails, what ever rocks your boat.

But beer – yoga: drinking while practising Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.  You missed the point of the true nature and teachings of Yoga.

If you want to drink beer, while doing certain stretches and exercises, do that if you want, but please don’t call it Yoga.

Prema Maria

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