Senior Yoga Class

These Yoga Classes are good for people (men and women) who feel less flexible, are recovering from surgery or an accident,  feel that they need an easier and shorter yoga class. We still practice exercises for strength, balance, flexibility, yoga breathing exercises. You will leave the class, feeling you got a good workout for your current ability.
Some exercise and yoga postures are the same as in the regular hatha yoga class. Except, that this class is shorter, one hour instead of 1 ½ hours. We practise easier postures and variations, and for the breathing exercises we sit on the chair, instead of the floor. So no sitting in lotus or cross-legged, also in general we do not practice the Sun Salutation in this yoga class.
Still you get a good yoga practise with breathing exercises, exercises for balance, strength, maintain and improve flexibility.
This class is suitable for anyone. We do a lot of standing postures + exercises, some exercises sitting or lying on the floor. But every exercise can be done sitting on a chair and I help you with adjustments for your special needs.
We always finish the class with a guided final relaxation.
 Where: at the Raceview Scout Hall, 32 Taylor Street, Eastern Heights QLD 4305 (parking behind the building)

When: Wednesday 9am – 10am
and Thursday 10am – 11am 

Please book and confirm for your first class. Thank You !!


First class is free;  Single class $10.- (pay weekly);  10 class yoga pass $90.- (pay upfront for 10 sessions)
What to bring:   Yoga mat if you have, otherwise a towel or blanket is fine.
Wear loose clothing you feel comfortable stretching in. Socks and jumper during the cooler months of the year.
Seniors Yoga class at the Raceview Scout Hall, April 2021.

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