Yoga Retreat

A next weekend retreat is not booked yet.

At this stage I don’t know when we will have a next Yoga Weekend & Retreat. I envision that it could possibly be a small group. We rent a private, holiday home for a weekend and cook our own meals. Same as I did in the early retreats I was offering.

Please let me know, if this sounds good for you. As soon as enough are keen, I will start to organise. Thank You!!

View from Cross Ridge Lodge Camp Venue.

Sunrise Meditation
Sunrise Coolum Beach, January 2014

© Photography Maria Steiner and Ian Grasmeder, photos taken on previous retreats and private holidays 2009 – 2020

Feedback from previous Retreats

Yoga & Meditation Weekend at Luther Heights Youth Camp, in Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD. August 2019.
From Kirsten: I had a beautiful weekend at the yoga retreat at Coolum. The meditation with the harmonium was truly magical. The food was perfect. Will definitely be attending next year. Thank you Maria and Kamala xoxo
From Vicki: Thank you Maria for a wonderful experience. Kamala, thank you for the beautiful music and songs. 🧘‍♀️
From Rosemary: Thank you Maria for a great retreat with good company in a beautiful location. Many wonderful memories.
From Leticia: Thank you Maria for a brilliantly organised retreat in a superb location. Plenty of fond memories and new ideas for me to bring home to incorporate into my own yoga practise.

Thank you Note from Luther Heights Team, August 2019.

Retreat Review by Thana:

I have never been to a yoga retreat and I was quite sceptical initially. A friend told me about it and I thought I will give it a go. It was a great decision! The teacher Maria Prema was great  – skilled and personable; I felt really comfortable with her.  The view was breath-taking and the food was delicious. Meeting like-minded people and doing yoga for the 3 days was wonderful. To do Surya Namaskar while watching the sun rise over the ocean was quite an amazing experience. On the whole, it was soul-enriching  and the retreat was a real treat for me!

Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat, September 2018 at Luther Heights Youth Camp in Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat, September 2018 at Luther Heights Youth Camp in Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD.

The retreat was so beneficial for me.  The beautiful setting really got me inspired to wake up early and face the day.   I was surprised how much I benefited from this regime, combined with the regular yoga classes and walks.  I had much better digestion, I felt hungry and I was able to eat a decent meal.  It was miraculous compared to what I am normally like.  
I am continuing with my yoga, albeit on a much smaller scale.  Not managing to eat much or get up as early, but I hope to improve that bit by bit.

Thank you Maria. Great memories of our Yoga Retreat. Thank you for all the effort you put in.

Carmel x

Dear Maria

Thanks for all the wonderful photos… lovely memories of a special weekend. It was great to meet you, I really enjoyed the retreat and have even managed to hold on to some of the ‘zen’ during this week too, which I was happy about. 

Hi Maria

This is Penelope …

Firstly, Thank you for an Absolutely  Lovely retreat and for attracting an amazing authentic bunch of people to your Yoga Practice.. It was so nice to be pushed gently out of my comfort zone of yoga I have fallen into and reacquaint with some old stretches and poses and look at a couple of new ones as well. You have motivated me to start the day again with my Salute to the Sun Routine.

Hi Maria

Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! I came away from this weekend with so much.. Even a new inspired menu for my daughter and I 😃

Mel X

Dear Maria, 

After such an invigorating weekend of yoga, meditation and friendship, I feel I must write and thank you. I feel so blessed to know you and to be able to share in your wealth of knowledge about the philosophy of yoga, meditation, chanting and your life experiences which you passed on to us at Gunnebah Retreat. It has been a very uplifting experience for me.

Thank you also for your talent in singing and playing the harmonium for us and teaching us how to chant.  I found the pranayama exercises so beneficial. My nasal passages have never felt so unobstructed.

The facilities, the food, and the company of so many interesting people who are from all walks of life and who all share our common interest in yoga were part of the enriching experience for me. I especially appreciate your understanding of people and how you are able to motivate and inspire us all no matter our personal circumstances.

With thanks Maria,


Yoga & Meditation Weekend August 2016
“Dear Maria,  Thank you so much for organising the Gunnebah Retreat. I found the few days away with like minded people to be a chance to energise, relax & reaffirm life goals that needed a bit of adjusting. We all get busy looking after the needs of others & we sometimes forget to look after ourselves. Your generosity in sharing your recipes & lovely cooking is appreciated. I am very much looking forward to the next retreat!”  X Leigh
“Hi Maria,  Thanks for an absolutely wonderful weekend.  As soon as I got home, I found the yoga book and started going through it and planning things I can do, starting tomorrow 🙂 ”  Janine et Matt
“Good morning Maria,  Thank you for a wonderful weekend, I really appreciate it along with you driving me there and back. Have a lovely week.”
Yoga & Meditation Weekend at Gunnebah Retreat, August 2015
Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat, August 2015

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