What others say about me and the Yoga Classes I teach.

Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback from past and present Yoga Students and Yoga Practitioners:

“I have been attending Yoga classes with Maria for some years now and currently am doing the Yoga for Seniors. I love going to the classes. As soon as I walk into the room I feel calmer and the exercises suit me well. There is no pressure to do anything you are not comfortable with yet we make steady progress and try new things. I love the Relaxation and Meditation which conclude the class. For me, Maria’s Yoga class is an opportunity for my mind, body and spirit to come together into a happier and calmer whole. Many thanks, Maria.”
 Zoe  08.12.13
“Just want to thank you Maria for your fabulous classes! What a difference they have made to both my pregnancies. Definitely believe the relaxation and breathing techniques got me through my first labor medication free, hoping to be able to use these again this time round. Thank you again and look forward to many more yoga classes with you!”-  Cathy  18.11.13
“Hi Maria, I simply wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your yoga classes. They are a gift to me: the exercise, increasing flexibility and strength, the breathing and the quietening. Tuesdays and Thursdays are perfect days for me in terms of my work. Although in some ways I can least afford the time at present, I have realised this is the time I need this practice most. You are gentle, encouraging and positive – very nurturing of those of us who are new and inept. Thank you. It made it very easy to return. Again, thank you. Have a great day!” – Grace  03.09.13
“Hi Maria,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn’t able to come into class before I left for Rockhampton. I’m on the hunt for a good yoga class; you raised the bar very high! I wanted to say a big thank you, as well. You and your classes did more for me than you could possibly know. 
OM OM OM”  – Nic  24.01.13
“Hi Maria, I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I have moved to Redcliffe so won’t be able to come to your classes. I will miss you. You are the best teacher I have met. Best wishes.” – Val  21.08.12

2 thoughts on “Reviews

  • Maria, I have been attending your classes on a regular basis for over four years & the benefits have been amazing! I have strength again in my wrist which was badly broken with several bones affected. (I can nearly hold my entire weight in the Crow!) The gentle stretching has been great for my arthritic knee & has strengthened my muscles so that I am not in so much pain & discomfort in my day to day movements. Some days I arrive at your class quiet stressed from a busy day teaching but I leave at the end of the 90 minutes feeling relaxed & invigorated. Your yoga class is one of the main highlights of my week! – Leigh


  • Maria provides a beautiful yoga class where she gently guides and encourages all participants regardless of prior yoga experience or not. I have felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after each of your classes Maria! – Narelle


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