Online Yoga Classes

I will be on holiday from 6th August until 4th September 2022.

If you need the log-in details, please let me know.

Timzone is Brisbane, Australia.

If you would like to join any of these online classes from anywhere in the world or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

My personal Yoga space and set-up for online Yoga classes.

Time is Brisbane, Australia (military time in brackets, makes it easier to calculate the conversion to your timezone):

  • Monday 10am – 11am (10h-11h) Hatha Yoga class
  • Tuesday 9am – 10:30am (9h-10:30h) Hatha Yoga class, or in person at the Raceview Scout Hall
  • Tuesday 6pm – 7:30pm (18h -19:30h) Hatha Yoga class, or in person at the Scout Hall in Cameron Park
  • Wednesday 9am -10am (9h-10h) Seniors Yoga class, or in person at the Raceview Scout Hall
  • Wednesday 5pm – 6:30pm (17h – 18:30h) Hatha Yoga class, or in person at the Scout Hall in Cameron Park
  • Thursday 10am – 11am (10h – 11h Seniors Yoga class, or in person at the Raceview Scout Hall

Class Cost & Payment:

Senior class $10.00 per class or 10-class-pass $90.00

Hatha Yoga class $15.00 per class or 10-class-pass $130.00

Payment is into my bank account via direct bank deposit. Please e-mail for my bank details. Thank You!!

If you pay for the single class I recommend, that you please pay a minimum of 3 classes at once.  Thank You!!

No extra charge if your kids would like to join. Even though we follow our class routine, if on any call, there are kids participating. I’ll add a few extra postures, which are fun for children.

Prices are in AUD$, if you like to join from overseas, you can pay into my pay-pal account.

Log in / Join meeting on Zoom:

Once you’ve made the payment, I’ll give you the Zoom log-in details and class/meeting ID.

During online Yoga class,. Sun Salutation (downward dog).

Looking forward to connecting online and keeping in touch.

Maria Prema

Feedback / Reviews and comments from students attending online Yoga classes:

Hi Maria

Just a short note to thank you for the on-line yoga classes during this time of isolation. Something to look forward to and keep me in practice.

Really appreciate the classes on these cold mornings when it would be easy to ‘give it a miss’. Miss the company but on-line has a lot going for it.


Maria is a wonderful & warm-hearted yoga teacher. Her yoga class has a good structure with pranayama breathing, exercise for each level and at the end of the class a peaceful, relaxing shavasa. She has follower all over the world, I join her online from switzerland. During the Covid19 Lockdown, her yoga class online was really precious and helpful to me. If you‘re looking for a healthy and good doing yoga class, you‘re in right hands there with Maria. OM 🙏🏻🕉🧘🏻‍♀️ Léticia

Hi Maria, I would like to continue with the zoom classes and I have paid for the next block. I am really enjoying your classes so, thank you. Kind Regards K

Pause and smell the roses.

Hi Maria,

I just wanted to thank you for continuing with yoga during the Covid 19 lockdown. Before the lockdown I would not have considered online but now I am a convert. It is so convenient. There is no travelling involved, I log on to the computer and become part of the online class. Following you through the class is easy as your instructions are clear and seeing you is like you are in my lounge room.

So thank you again,


Hibiscus Flower June 2020