Meditation Course

At present there is no set date for the next 8– weeks – meditation – course .

If you are interested please let me know, so I can plan the next course with those interested. Thank You !! The course is a small group with five or six maximum.

The Topic will be on the Seven Chakras (energy centres).

1st week introduction, then we cover one Chakra per week

The cost for the course (8 sessions) is $110.- upfront, for $15.- each lesson.

My Altar January 2019
yoga meditation altar


Meditation is a natural state of consciousness that isn’t learned, any more that you learn to sleep. It just happens. When the mind becomes one-pointed and steady, it will naturally go beyond the normal mundane awareness into the state referred to as meditation.

Before meditation, practice concentration, one – pointed thinking. Then this practice will lead to a meditative state of the mind. Train the mind in a variety of ways in concentration in the beginning. Sit in a quiet place, or in nature focus on your breath. Inhale – Exhale …… mentally repeating a Mantra “OM” or “Soham”. Concentrate on any concrete image: a flower, a candle, the blue sky. Concentrate within on one of the Chakras.

In meditation do not strain the eyes. Do not strain the brain. Do not struggle or wrestle with the mind. Relax. Observe the thoughts like a cloud passing by. Gently allow the divine thoughts flow.