Homemade Dark Chocolate

Many of you know, that in the last year I have been experimenting with different raw chocolate recipes, none  were a failure (I often make them for Satsang), but it needed to be perfected and I did not really have a recipe to give away as I was just trying and mixing. So I think now I found a recipe I can share with you. Please keep in mind that when making your own raw chocolate from organic ingredients, you need to be creative.
raw chocolate
raw chocolate

Homemade Dark Chocolate:

Please use certified organic ingredients

70 gr  raw cacao butter

1/2 cup  raw cacao powder (sifted optional)

2 tbsp  agave nectar or maple syrup or raw honey

1 pinch of celtic sea salt or pink himalayan salt

Moulds to pour the mix in, I use ice cube forms.

 Melt cacao butter in a small, dry metal or glass bowl over a saucepan of simmering water.  (On a hot Queensland’s Summer day I just put the bowl outside, covered and let it melt naturally). Once melted mix in all the other ingredients and mix very well until you have a nice, thick, consistent, liquid chocolate mix. Pour into the mould and freeze over night or for several hours.

Enjoy !!!!!!

Some extra tips:

If you prefer the taste of milk chocolate, decrease the amount of raw cacao powder used.
Feel free to be creative and add any nuts: walnuts, almond, macadamia, etc….. finely chopped, raisins,  and/or vanilla essence or vanilla beans, there are many other possibilities.
Please share your suggestions and trials.




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