Support Aussie Farmers

I decided to donate $2 for every person coming to a yoga class this week, August 6th – 10th, 2018 in support of the Farmers in Australia living though the worst drought in many, many years.

This includes the Yoga class I teach for the PCYC Ipswich on a Wednesday evening. And everyone coming for a free trial class. So please bring your friends and family to a yoga class this week.  Dust off your yoga mats, the days are warm.

I’m thinking to donate the final amount to Drought Angels, based in Chinchilla, Queensland. \

I know it’s a small gesture, but I believe if everyone shows a bit of Support to the drought stricken farmers, we can make a difference.

Through the month of July (school holidays and many cold, frosty mornings) an average of 40 Yogis came to class per week.

Please come to the yoga classes in high numbers this week. Thank you!!


Update 13-8-18
52 happy Yogis made it to a class. Many gave extra change, and my husband helped to top it up to a even $200.-, which I donated to Drought Angels this morning.
Thank you everyone for coming to class and showing support.


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