This week March 29 – April 1st, only online Yoga via Zoom

Due to the current lockdown and restrictions in the greater Brisbane Area. All our Yoga classes this week March 29 – April 1, 2021 are only online via Zoom. (NO in-person Yoga classes at the Scout Halls)

These are the days & times for the online Yoga classes via Zoom, all the online classes are for 1 hour:

  • Tuesday 30/3  9am Hatha Yoga class
  • Tuesday 30/3  6pm Hatha Yoga class
  • Wednesday 31/3  9am Senior’s Yoga class
  • Wednesday 31/3  5pm Hatha Yoga class
  • Thursday 1/4  6am Hatha Yoga class (this will be the last early bird online class for a while, approaching the cooler Season and darker mornings)

I said last week we’ll have No Yoga classes on Thursday 1/4 afternoon/evening before Good Friday and the Easter weekend. But since many Easter weekend plans might change, plus there is the possibility that the lockdown will be extended. If you let me know by 4pm on Thursday 1st of April . I’ll be online to teach:

  • Thursday 1/4   5pm Seniors Yoga Class
  • Thursday 1/4  7pm Hatha Yoga Class

Please feel free to join on Zoom for the first time ever. Let me know if you are interested, and I email you the log in details, it’s fairly easy.

Hopefully we can resume the Yoga classes at the Scout Halls, per our weekly schedule, as of Tuesday 6th April 2021.

Stay safe, healthy and be well.


One thought on “This week March 29 – April 1st, only online Yoga via Zoom

  • i might come to your 6pm class tomorrow…as this is 10am, and i will be back from my8.30am morning walk im Wald mit Bettina. big hug


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