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9 Jan Bromeliad Flower in my garden.

“Compassion to all beings is the expression of spirituality.”

Swami Sivananda


Bromeliad Flower in my garden.

Bromeliad Flower in my garden.

Wise words by Yesudian

30 Jun


…. more wisdom from the book YOGA and HEALTH by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, first published in 1953.


The entire system of Hatha Yoga is based on returning to a natural way of living, an intuition which guides the human  mind from a higher plane. It is based on a return to an inspiration of the mind and thus becomes a valuable asset for the new world now being born for the new generation which will lead a happier, more natural life. As the clamour of weapons dies away, a new, freer world will be born, and the time is fast approaching when we shall have to bind and heal man’s wounds and train his body in a healthier, and more conscious manner.

May God grant that the three greatest gifts of Hatha Yoga — health, strength and youthfulness — may be transmitted to this new generation.


Yoga and Health

Yoga and Health










Quote about Forgiveness

30 May

“Forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirit.”

Swami Sivananda


Quote about trust in life

20 May

“Believe in the creator and you will believe in your own strength. Be just, and life will be just to you! Be calm with the calmness of the morning. Believe in the future as you believe in the sunrise. Regard the world with a happy tranquility! For after all, He who made and preserves the world has a watchful eye on you too!”

Selvarajan Yesudian


15 Nov
Beautiful wisdom from Swami Sivananda. The following quote is from his book “Concentration and Meditation”. Page 88:

“Just as salt melts in water, so also the Sattvic mind melts in silence, during meditation, in Brahman, its Adhishthana (substratum).”

Please also check my post from 18 September in the blog archive, scroll to bottom of this page.

Quote – inner voice

29 Sep
“Those who concentrate on the external voices of the world shut their ears to the subtle inner voice of the Self.”  Swami Sivananda

A Quote about Truth

20 Sep

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

Quote – generosity ….

12 Jul
“Generosity is giving more than what you can and greed is taking more than what you need.”
Swami Sivananda
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