Soul Shifts


Lately in our meditation session on a Tuesday morning 10:30am – 11am (after the regular yoga class), I have been reading and sharing from the wonderful book “SOUL SHIFTS” by Dr. Barbara DeAngelis.

Personally I read the book very slow, take my time to reflect on it. I read it in two ways one bookmark starting from page 1, and then every so often I open the book randomly and see what comes up for that moment/day.

The Soul Shifts Mantra:

“Today I am going to see what there is to see,

to feel what there is to feel,

and to know what there is to know.







In his book “Messages to Mankind” Swami Chidananda writes:

The true basis of human unity where all beings are at one is the factor that is the essential being within us. Superficial factors express diversity; there is a difference. In form all are different. Diversity, more than unity, seems to be the law of creation. In everything, everywhere upon the face of the earth, we find diversity. No two leaves are alike but even though a tree is full of diversity, and is full of diverse branches, twisting twigs, leaves, flowers, fruits, etc., is rooted in unity. The root is one; the tree springs from oneness. So, if you trace all diversities to their source, the apparent diversity is found to be based upon unity, based upon oneness, having a singleness of source. There could no more be an apt analogy to bring home to us the truth of oneness of mankind than that of the tree with its diverse branches, shoots and twigs being founded upon the one, viz., the root.

bottle brush tree in flower
bottle brush tree in flower

Success in Yoga

Wise words by Swami Sivananda:


Success in Yoga or any other spiritual path requires the annihilation or control of the six enemies, viz., lust, anger, greed, pride, jealousy and hypocrisy.
Sri Swami Sivananda-ji



Swami Sivananda
Swami Sivananda



Nirguna Meditation

From the book Concentration and Meditation by Sri Swami Sivananda:

Sit in Padmasana. Repeat OM mentally. Keep the meaning of OM always in the mind. Feel that you are the All-pervading, Infinite Light. Feel that you are the “Suddha-Sat-Chit-Ananda, Vyapaka, Atman, Nitya Suddha Buddha Mukta, eternally free Brahman.” Feel you are Chaitanya. Feel that you are the “Akhanda Paripurna, Ekarasa, Santa, Infinite, Eternal, Unchanging Existence.” Every atom, every molecule, every nerve, vein, artery, should powerfully vibrate with these ideas. Lip repetition of OM will not produce much benefit. It should be through heart, head and soul. Your whole soul should feel that you are the subtle, all-pervading Intelligence. This feeling should be kept up continuously.

Negate the body-idea when you repeat OM mentally. When you chant OM, feel:

  • Infinity I am                OM OM OM

  • All Light I am              OM OM OM

  • All Joy I am                 OM OM OM

  • All Glory I am              OM OM OM

  • All Power I am            OM OM OM

  • All Knowledge I am    OM OM OM

  • All Ananda I am         OM OM OM

Mediitate on the above ideas constantly. Constant effort with zeal and enthusiasm is indispensable. Repeat mentally the above ideas incessantly. You will realise.

SOHAM, I am That I am !!

Concentration and Meditation by Swami Sivananda
Concentration and Meditation by Swami Sivananda

Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation

By Swami Chidananda as written in his book “BLISS IS WITHIN”:

Bliss is within by Swami Chidananda
Bliss is within by Swami Chidananda


Meditation for improving and building up your own health is to be practised at bed time, just before you go to sleep. The preparations for it are all the same, identical. Sit upon your meditation posture. Keep the body erect and straight. Sit steadily without any movment. But always be entirely relaxed. You must feel totally at ease. You must be feeling so restful that you can gradually forget the very presence of the body. The body should not make itself felt by you at all. The posture should be so restful and so relaxed. Then only you will not feel that you are sitting. Thus you can continue for a long time without any discomfort. Now in this state of quiescence and restfulness, take the mind inward and feel strongly the powerful presence in the innermost centre of your being. Feel that it is the Universal Spirit, in its indwelling aspect, making itself felt as Divine Presence. The Universal Spirit is all-perfect. It is a source of all-blessedness. It is all health, strength, vigour and power. Visualise mentally the centre and source of all health and of all healing. Feel your unity with that Divine Centre. And now gently assert to yourself:
  •      The source of all health is within me      Om Om Om
  •      God is my healer                                          Om Om Om
  •      I am ever united with that Being             Om Om Om
  •      I am a mass of radiant energy                  Om Om Om
  •      I am disease-free                                         Om Om Om
  •      I am in a state of perfect health               Om Om Om
In this way draw up yourself a suitable list of affirmations which are appropriate and suited to your particular state of health requirement, and inwardly feel the required state is now being created within you. Everything that is wrong is being set right in all parts of the body. Restoration, repair and healing is taking place in every specific part and total state of perfect health is being established within. Have clearly before your mental vision the word health in luminous letters. Visualise ‘health’ clearly. Visualise the centre of your being as an inexhaustible source of energy and health. Feel the power of health radiating from that inner centre and spreading in all directions throughout your body and brining about a state of radiant health in every part of the body. Feel your body growing with perfect health from head to toe. Accompany this feeling with quiet affirmation. Keep yourselves in this state for some minutes continuously and conclude with the peace chant: Om Santi, Santi, Santih. This kind of meditation may be done within a period of five or six minutes. If you can prolong it longer, it is well and good. If your concentration is very good, even four minutes will suffice. But if you have got any specific health problem in any particular part of your body, you may particularly direct the healing Prana towards that part and make the meditation a few minutes longer. And always conclude with the Peace Chant and finish by saying “Thank you God”.
“I pray to the Lord that He may bestow upon you inner strength so that you will attain steady success in your daily meditation. Hari Om Tat Sat.”  Swami Chidananda.

Wise words by Yesudian


…. more wisdom from the book YOGA and HEALTH by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, first published in 1953.


The entire system of Hatha Yoga is based on returning to a natural way of living, an intuition which guides the human  mind from a higher plane. It is based on a return to an inspiration of the mind and thus becomes a valuable asset for the new world now being born for the new generation which will lead a happier, more natural life. As the clamour of weapons dies away, a new, freer world will be born, and the time is fast approaching when we shall have to bind and heal man’s wounds and train his body in a healthier, and more conscious manner.

May God grant that the three greatest gifts of Hatha Yoga — health, strength and youthfulness — may be transmitted to this new generation.


Yoga and Health
Yoga and Health










Quote about trust in life

“Believe in the creator and you will believe in your own strength. Be just, and life will be just to you! Be calm with the calmness of the morning. Believe in the future as you believe in the sunrise. Regard the world with a happy tranquility! For after all, He who made and preserves the world has a watchful eye on you too!”

Selvarajan Yesudian

What is Prana?

More wisdom from the book YOGA and HEALTH by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, First published in 1953. (see my blog post 21 March –


Every force is based on prana; the force of gravity, attraction, repulsion, electricity, radio-activity — without prana there is no life, for prana is the soul of all force and all energy. This prime principle is to be found everywhere in the world. It is in the air, but is not air; it is in food, but it is not food; it is the strength in the vitamin; it is also contained in water, but is not identical with the chemical constituents of water; these are merely carriers of prana.
The air is filled with free prana, and the human organism can most easily absorb prana from fresh air through the process of breathing, in breathing normally we take in normal amounts of prana. Through deep breathing our intake is increased, and through controlled Yoga breathing we are able to store up a substantial quantity of reserve prana in our brain and nerve centres to be used in case of necessity.
The most obvious manifestation of prana in the human body is the fact that it forces us to breathe. The result of this is the movement of our lungs. If we wish to get better acquainted with prana and learn consciously to store up more prana in our nerve centres, our first task is to control the movements of our lungs, that is, our breathing. This means that we cease to breathe haphazardly, irregularly, and unconsciously, and that we learn to take each breath consciously, with concentration of thought, leading the absorbed prana into the nerve centres that serve as storage areas. The conscious practice of controlling prana through concentration and regulated breathing is called pranayama. Pranayama is the most important basis of the system of Hatha Yoga. Prana is the fuel of the lung and the entire human body. If, through injury or a dis-ease resulting from unnatural living, the body becomes incapable of absorbing prana, the powerful life current is turned off just as the current of a transmitter ceases to flow through a damaged wireless set. It is still present in the universe, but it can no longer manifest itself. From the foregoing we are quite justified in stating, that without prana — whether we wish to call it ether, cosmic radiation or some other name — there could be no life on earth.
We can most easily curb dis-ease and likewise increase and maintain our life force if we give our organism more and fresher prana. Hatha Yoga and the pranayama it teaches must not be considered in the occident as a theory laden with oriental hocus-pocus. Pranayama is quite deserving of serious attention by western physicians.


Yoga and Health
Yoga and Health

Hatha Yoga – sun and moon

The name Hatha Yoga goes back to the truth on which this system is founded. Our body is enlivened by positive and negative currents, and when these currents are in complete equilibrium, we enjoy perfect health. The positive current is designated by the letter “HA” which is equivalent in meaning to “SUN”. The negative current is called “THA” meaning “MOON”. The word YOGA has a double meaning. On the one hand is it equivalent to “joining” while the second meaning is “yoke”. Thus “HATHA YOGA” signifies the perfect knowledge of the two energies, the positive sun and negative moon energies, their joining in perfect harmony and complete equilibrium, and the ability to control their energies absolutely, that is, to bend them under the yoke of our “SELF”.
This wisdom is from the book YOGA and HEALTH by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich, First published in 1953.
yoga and health
yoga and health


Beautiful wisdom from Swami Sivananda. The following quote is from his book “Concentration and Meditation”. Page 88:

“Just as salt melts in water, so also the Sattvic mind melts in silence, during meditation, in Brahman, its Adhishthana (substratum).”

Please also check my post from 18 September in the blog archive, scroll to bottom of this page.