Satsang this week 27 September

Satsang + meditation
Our next Satsang (meditation, Kirtan, lecture on the yoga philosophy) and extra Hatha Yoga Class is this week Friday 27th September 2013.
Where: Raceview Scout Hall, Taylor Street, Eastern Heights
What:    Hatha Yoga Class (breathing exercises, sun salutation, 12 basic postures, guided final relaxation).
Time:    5pm – 6:30pm
Cost:      $14.00 or regular class pass (no free trial class on this day).
What:    Satsang, we begin with silent meditation, then Kirtan Mantra chanting and some good read from one of the many books by Swami Sivananda, finishing with a purifying light ceremony (arati).
Time:    6:45pm – 8:15pm
Cost:     $7.00 or FREE if you come to the 5pm class
In between the two sessions we have a cup of tea and something sweet. Some raw chocolate goodies or a vegan cake.
You are most welcome to join for just one of the classes. If you like an extra exercise session you come for 5pm.
If you like to learn/practice meditation and get deeper into the yoga philosophy or if you like the Sanskrit Chants (Kirtan) please come to the hall for 6:30pm.
Please let me know, if you have any questions.
See you then.
Prema Maria

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