Friday Devi Mantra

In the Yoga tradition, that I practice and teach, we chant/sing/recite many Sanskrit Mantras. These Mantras all have different meanings: Mantra for protection, Mantra for safe travelling, opening and closing Mantra for the Yoga class…..

Every Day of the week is dedicated to a different Deity. In my own practice I observe these days with specific Mantras for the Deity of the Day.

Friday is Devi day, honoring the Divine Mother.

Please click on the link below to listen to a short recording, I’ve done this morning. This sound file is unedited….. I simply recorded myself as I play the harmonium and chant the Mantra.

Jaya Jagadambda – Maria Steiner (Prema) 9/8/19

Prema playing harmonium.
Prema playing harmonium, Yoga Retreat 2016.

Mantra – Deity – day of the week

Dear Readers and Yogis/Yoginis,
Today’s blog entry makes more sense to those of you who are familiar with the different Deities and Mantras. In future blogs, I’ll talk and explain more about it in detail.
When I visited Swami Anasaktananda-ji ( for the first time, one of the many things he taught me was, that there are different days to repeat Mantras for different Deities. They can be repeated anytime, but there is a more auspicious day of the week for each deity or aspect of it. A practice that is done at Swamiji’s Ashram every morning, daily prayer and chanting.

Monday = Siva

Tuesday = Subramanya

Wednesday = Krishna

Thursday = Guru

Friday = Devi

Saturday = Rama

Sunday = Vishnu


OM Shanthi – OM Peace
Prema Maria