I walk my path

I recently wrote this poem:
As I woke up today I decided this is a new day, from now on I do it my way.
I walk my path.
I looked at the sun and saw so much fun.
…. I decided to walk my path.
I gathered my stuff and did let go of the rough.
…. now I walk my path.
I see my beauty, that shining sparkle in the eye, it feels like I can fly.
I walk my path.
If you are happy, kind, alive in your heart, I invite you in my life to play a part.
I walk my path.
If you rejoice to be with me, feel free to walk beside me.
…. as I walk my path.
I walk my path.
Maria Steiner 28-09-2015

© Photography Maria Steiner 16/01/15 at the Spit in Mooloolaba